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Recording & Mixing

A great piece of music deserves to be recorded and mixed with the right technique and technology. Our Studio facility has been carefully designed and equipped to create world class, modern productions for all our clients. 



Balancing sonic elements of a stereo mix, optimizing playback across all systems and media formats using tools like equalization, compression, stereo enhancement, etc.  In simpler terms, we will make your music sounds just the way you always envisioned it to be. And, We deliver the final product in various formats (e.g. CD, iTunes, Youtube, Surround, VR).  So you have a ready product for the world to know!


Audio Post For Film TV

Lights- Camera-Action! Now that thats done lets focus on the sound. We can do that for you. We provide Dialog, ADR, Background and Foley editing and mixing for video projects.  Our only request is that you to include a spotting sheet and scripts if possible.  See you at the movies!



Need help with editing your project? We specialize in clean up and preparing multitrack recordings and programing for the mixing stage. 



Determining what goes where is an important task when it comes to Expanding a basic song structure into full instrumentation production (i.e. Guitar/Vocal demo). Need help with the arrangement? Leave it to us!